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By Tara Love Perry
Internationally Pioneering Author, Speaker, Self-Love Teacher & Trainer. 
Tara was born into a life of practical spirituality, wellness and self-knowledge. She has since pioneered, self-mastered and taught her unique methods and revolutionary insights all over the world during the past 20+ years.

Tara has helped empower tens of thousands of people from all walks of life to self-realise and heal from chronic pain, severe mental health issues, trauma, terminal illness, and more, and to evolve from the self-limiting human condition. 
Tara shows you how to come home to yourself and find redemption, peace, satisfaction and true liberation from suffering and sacrifice, using her transformational self-love based method, "I Love You, Me", as well as training professionals in the therapeutic version, Transformational Self-Love Therapy

Tara's personal mission is to teach millions of people self-love because she believes that "The only way out, is within" and that self-sustainability through self-love is the salvation for our world.
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