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Sandy Robinson - Canada
"First, my deepest Thank You!! I am so grateful for being able to be a part of the Self Love Club Community! It has been a comforting hug and a feeling of inclusion. The weekly meditations of been profoundly transformative in the most genuine way. Your voice, words and each aspect have been life changing in supporting me breaking through some soul blocks and sludge to embrace and love me." 
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Nadege N - France
"I learned to talk to myself in a loving way, and I realised that I have to forgive myself more. I was focusing so much on others then I realised that the first person I need to focus was me. I realised that I had abandoned, rejected, betrayed, humiliated, and did not appreciate me. Now, I am focused solely on myself and I embrace me. I love me, I appreciate me, I pamper me, and I give priority to me. Thank you for that, it was a great realisation that I apply in everything I do in my life now." 
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  • Discover Who You Are
  • Gain Real Self-Connection 
  • ​Love & Heal Your Body Image
  • ​Peace Of Mind
  • ​Overcome Fears & Anxiety
  • ​Loving Your Inner-Child
  • ​Heal Money & Abundance Blocks
  • ​Learn Emotional Intimacy
  • ​Accept Your Feeling
  • ​Forgive Your Parents
  • ​Heal & Boost Relationships
  • ​Success & Purpose
  • ​Develop Self Trust
  • ​Spiritual Connection
  • ​Energy Cleansing
  • ​Develop Your Intuition
  • ​And So Much More!
Pierangela Manzetti - UK
"Without hesitation I can 100% say that through many healing journeys I have experienced, and even as an attuned Reiki Practitioner myself, I have not come across teachings and healing as instant and life changing as this."
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Liv Hangeland
"I got the meditations during an extremely challenging time for me, my worst fears were right in front of me. Your meditations helped me a lot. I cried and worked on deep layers to heal and I was able to feel and understand more. It was so good and helped me stay calm in that space when I was meeting a huge challenge. And now the challenge is gone. Thank you so much. Thank you thank you thank you." 
Meet The Creator of Self Love Club
Tara Love Perry is a World Leader in Self Love Teachings, Creator of The "I Love You, Me' Method, Master Soul Reader, International Spiritual Guide, CEO of the Live In Light Academy and Devoted Mother of Two. 

As founder of the "I Love You, Me" Method, Tara Love Perry is widely considered a pioneer in her field, leading the way for a global shift in consciousness with self love.

Since 2002, her live seminars, workshops, professional trainings, and 1:1 sessions have taken her to 11 countries over 4 continents.

Tens of thousands of souls, including; Spiritual, corporate and political leaders, successful therapists and coaches, authors, artists, students and children have had life-changing experiences from her unique methods and delivery. 

Tara trains professional therapists online in the "I Love You, Me" Method all over the world, as well as specialist retreats for learning Soul Reading, Psychic and Intuitive Development.
More True Testimonials...
Donna - Dubai
"One thing that will stay with me and help me further on my spiritual journey that touched me deeply during your meditation was the release of so much despair I had clogged up in my heart. I've been working with heart meditations but this was a huge shift and touched me deeply. There was a huge opening in my heart that has now been filled with pure love for myself...thank you." 
Andre Georgescu
"The energy cleansing meditation came in a moment I really thought I was going crazy because there were so many things going in my head that I felt weren’t mine but I couldn’t get them to go away, and it gave me back the clarity and the peace I needed to hear myself again. So, thank you!" 
Vicky Stuehm
"What an absolutely beautiful, unexpected Loving myself exercise and meditation. I have become more aware of my body from listening."

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Is this suitable for teenagers?
Absolutely it is! Yes. Although for under 16's we recommend parental/carer guidance to check that the weekly Self Love topic meets your standards of appropriate for your important young person. From our side, there's nothing in our content that we deem inappropriate for youths, in fact we think it's ideal for them.
Is Self Love Club for beginners or advanced learners?
Our experience and customer feedback PROVES that it doesn't matter if you're completely new to the idea of Self Love, or if you're a 'spiritual pro' of 50 years; The "I Love You, Me" Method reaches parts of you that no other personal development or spiritual growth methods do. It's completely unique and specially created to lead you back to who you actually are and set you free from any other dogma or brainwashing. Everyone benefits!
How easy is it to cancel my Self Love Club subscription?
Super easy! All you have to do is EMAIL US at least 3 working days (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm) before your next subscription is due. If you don't email us and just 'unsubscribe' from our emails, we're sorry but that won't cancel your payments, just your emails! Email us at for support.
Will I really get a refund?
Yes, promise. You have 21 days from your date of subscribing to the Self love Club to try it out. After 21 days, your next months membership payment will leave your account, by which point it's too late to get your refund. BUT, if you do send us an email to claim your refund within 21 days, we will happily and easily reverse your membership payment. It usually takes 10 days to land back in your bank account. Email us at for support.
Can I share the Self Love Club with others?
Yes please! We encourage you to do just that! In fact, we will reward you. Did you know about our INFLUENCER AFFILIATE program where you earn 30% commission rewards for every Self Love Club referral you make? Find Out More on the Check-out page after you've joined.
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