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Transformational Self Love Starts With You

You've heard the saying, "An empty cup can't fill others"? Help yourself first, then you have the experience, knowledge & energy to help others. Supporting someone with their own Self Love means that you have to set the example, you have to walk your talk. This method, although profoundly simple, is cutting edge. It opens you up, quickly & gently & goes straight to the core. Are you ready & willing to go to the cutting edge of yourself & open up to the transformation that's possible for you? If so, you're in the right place.

Helping Others

You don't have to be a therapist, coach or health expert to help someone you care about.
What you need is the ability to be present with yourself, & a strong desire to love & be fully present with others.
The important qualifications are an open heart, emotional intelligence & being coach-able.


Transformational Self Love Therapy Has Previously Been Used With Successful Results For, But Not Limited To:


Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Trauma,
Self Harming & Suicidal Thoughts,
Event Related Stress Injury,
Fears, Phobias & Addictions,
Bi-Polar Disorder, Disassociation,
Mental Abuse, Limiting Beliefs,
De-conditioning & Re-Programming, Clarity & Self Cognizance.


Auto-Immune Disorders & M.E.,
IBS & Digestive Issues,
Nerve Damage & M.S. Symptoms,
Arthritis & Long-Term Pain,
Throat & Breathing Issues,
Life-Long Asthma,
Physical & Sexual Abuse, Birth Trauma, Hormonal & Infertility Issues, Inherited diseases,
Terminal Cancer.


Release of Harmful Spirit
Entities, Past Life & Karmic Resolution, Soul Retrieval,
Self Embodiment,
Expanded Consciousness,
Spiritual & Soul Purpose Connection, Extra-Sensory
Ability & Latent Genius/Gifts  Activation.

Help People:

Establish meaningful self-connection, with profound self-realizations, personal accountability, sovereignty,  security, inner-calm & peace.

Transform personal & professional relationships, find safety in emotional intimacy with receptivity to loving, meaningful relationships with healthy boundaries.

Break free from parental & ancestral conditioning, discover, connect, bond & heal their inner-child, & re-parent themselves with empathy & unconditional love.

Practice genuine self-compassion, empathy, care & unconditional love for all aspects of themselves, & open doors to new, undiscovered & latent parts.

Experience core validation, self-acceptance improved self worth, self-esteem, self-confidence & self-trust, with expanded self awareness, & heightened intuition.

Change & upgrade the birth & DNA blueprint, re-write their life-script, become a generator of love, good fortune, blessings, prosperity & abundance.






Looking for The Leading Edge In Your Vocation?

Imagine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Ho'oponopono, Shadow Work, & Family Constellation Therapy blended together with permeating compassion, empathy, and sagacious, unconditional presence. Lead yourself & others into a profoundly self-realizational, inner-connecting conversation that gets straight to the core, gently liberating them from their most traumatic wounding.

Drawing on breath-work, inner-child work, forgiveness, neuroscience & the laws of quantum physics, this training bridges ancient mystic knowledge & modern, proven, scientific principles. It's a perfect synergy of individually powerful components for a deeply experiential, unique, & perception-shifting process.

Looking for The Leading Edge In Your Personal Growth?

This is the ideal opportunity to develop & master, among other things, your communication & leadership abilities. Advanced "I Love You, Me" (ILYM) is facilitated through the use of key words & language alchemy in a fluid conversation, guidance through intuitive response enquiry,  full sensory presence & energetic transmission.

Simultaneously, by learning & practicing this method with yourself & others, you'll be awakening & strengthening your natural sensitivities & inherent intuitive abilities.

This method has a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional effect that continues to amaze it's practitioners & recipients, creating seemingly infinitely expanding ripples throughout the layers of the self & ones life experience.


Tara Love Perry is a World Leader in Self Love & Embodiment.

As the Creator of the "I Love You, Me" Method, a Master Soul Reader, Channel and Guide, Author, International Speaker, CEO of the Live In Light Academy for Spiritual & Psychic Development, Tara is widely considered a pioneer in her field, leading the way in the global consciousness shift with transformational self love empowerment.

Since 2002, Tara's live seminars, workshops, professional trainings and 1:1 sessions have taken her to 13 countries in 5 continents, and she's also personally impacted tens of thousands more online, of all ages & walks of life, with her unique teachings & methods.


​“Personally the training helped me awaken my extra sensory abilities, have a deeper connection with myself, and tap into my inner genius and wisdom within. Paradigms completely shifted for me! This method is profound, deep and effortless once mastered.

On a professional level, leaving banking with a Reiki and life coaching certification, this method has enabled me to tap into deeper levels of subconscious programming and truly empathize with my clients. I help my clients awaken to their purpose, enable them to surrender, trust and love their path with ease and grace, turning confusion into clarity and awakening.
Yassminne Atallah, Life Coach & Business Owner
​“Before I did this training I used to suffer really badly from 'Imposter Syndrome'. I used to sometimes turn people away or refer them to other practitioners when I doubted myself. It's amazing how after this training I just didn't do this anymore. I no longer had the inner critic saying I wasn't good enough.

Now I have a busy TSL Therapy & Kinesiology practice working from home. I love myself & know my self worth, & I'm so happy that I can now add value to others' lives, helping my clients with their self-esteem, low self worth & inner-critic, & to love themselves genuinely & know that they are enough.

Sophie Mercado, Kinesiologist.
​“I Love You, Me" is totally life changing. It's by far the most powerful tool I have come across in helping people come back into their bodies & reconnect with their emotions. The relationship with the inner-child is fundamental for any real healing to take place, & this is the foundation from which the "I Love You, Me" Method is built.

The results are major breakthroughs in the ability to be vulnerable, communicate needs & create deeper, more connected relationships. My clients also experience a deeper trust that life has got them & as a result find themselves meeting uncomfortable situations with courage & grace."
Bradley Wescott, NLP Coach.
​“I have done lots of therapy and coaching, but nothing; nothing helped me as much as "I love you, me". This training helped me heal my heart. It was very helpful & transformative on my journey. I now teach people about self love the way the bible teaches us, that we need to love God & love others as ourselves.
I believe only from having a strong relationship with God you are able to truly love yourself. I can't explain with words how I've expanded in my heart. All my clients also experience change that is not temporary but permanent transformation. This process is a life changing experience for both men and women, especially around confidence, anxiety & depression issues. "
The Coach Natalia, Christian Counselor, Holistic Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Mind-Body Practitioner, Pilates Teacher.
​“The course has been pretty incredible. The biggest takeaway is the transformational power of love. It has really shown me how to put love into practice to help me heal myself & to help others do the same.

Self love is absolutely essential. All the other things that we're taught to focus on in life are not really going to land unless there's a foundation of self love underneath.

The course is opening doors for a new life for me, much lighter, more whole, & without my limiting beliefs about being good enough.
Tessa Hindshaw, Child Psychologist.
​“I've done a few courses, but this "I Love You, Me" training made me realize that this is what I was looking for & what I wanted to do. As a medical professional I always believed in research & was more in my mind than my heart, however when I was going through some trauma in my life the ILYM Method supported me to connect with my inner-self. I experienced a very powerful re-birth during the training, which healed my own birth trauma.

Now I feel so good supporting others mentally & emotionally to achieve similar transformation. I see the freedom, happiness & peace in my clients. I even use the method on the ward with my team to clear their stress at the end of the day."
Shreejana Koirala, NHS Community Matron.

​“Tara is a gift for these times, gentle, powerful, liberating. I have experienced more with Tara in 2 hours than I have in 10 years of therapeutic work.

Tara brings what is needed to heal the fragments of self, back into love. This work is absolutely right on the button for NOW.

During my training I experienced a huge transformational healing that went through my inner-child & right to my deepest core wound. I use this method with my clients & share it on my retreats.”

Fiona Arrigo, Psychotherapist
​“What this training gave me that I didn't get anywhere else, was the opportunity to dive into my shadows. It allowed me to go deep & identify what was really going on & bring it all to a place of peace. I found a new lease of life, it's given me confidence & self belief.

I have done other shadow work but none of it really compares to the "I Love You, Me" methodology. It's a beautiful step by step process which when done properly will always bring a result at the end. I guarantee your life will never be the same again."

David Alison, Life Coach, Former Master Coach at Tony Robbins
​“"In 2017 I walked into a 3 day self-love event in Euston, London, not knowing what to expect. At the time I had been suffering from acute and chronic asthma for 34 years. I didn't get an asthma attack ever again since that event. I wanted to learn the healing technique that we used at that event.

I use various modalities today but people remember the "I Love You, Me" (ILYM) method because its something totally different, expanding a human's normal range of experience, and it's very effective too. It activates the Pineal gland giving you a big picture perspective. You are able to heal the disharmony or trauma and your stuck/repressed inner child. "
Michelle Fernandes, TSL Therapist & Transformation Coach


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