27 July '24
Mercure Hotel, Brighton

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Self Love Intensive

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'Self-Love Intensive'

With the UK's Leading
Self-Love Teacher, 
Tara Love Perry

An Intimate 1-Day Workshop For Light & Energy Workers, Healers, Coaches, Carers & Wellness Experts.

 LIVE In-person

27 July 2024, Brighton

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

'Self-Love Intensive' 

An Exclusive and Intimate 1-Day Workshop - For Light & Energy Workers, Healers, Coaches, Carers and Wellness Experts.

Tara Love Perry Reveals Her Powerful and Revolutionary Process for Self-Love Embodiment, Vitality and Wellbeing.

Come and unlock your potential, actualise your soul purpose and discover a game-changing new healing tool!

1-Day Ticket £67

Beautiful Brighton Venue

The Mercure Hotel
149 Kings Road,
Brighton, BN1 2PP
Starts: 9.00am
Ends: 5.45pm
VIP session: 6pm-7.30pm

The Self-Love Intensive Workshop
The Self-Love Intensive Workshop...
A Unmissable Experience...
"No-one ever introduced me to 'Me' the way Tara did."

If you've been subconsciously looking, waiting or hoping  for someone or something, to cross your path...

...And set you free from all the baggage, burdens and BS (belief systems) that limit you from being your authentic, powerful and fully embodied self...You're in the right place.

I will personally guide you to meet yourself in a profound and revolutionary way, so you can finally release yourself from whatever blocks you, ails you, and weighs you down. Then,

Awaken your awareness, actualise your presence, and activate your super-senses, and complete the missing pieces inside of you.

Get the missing piece of transformational self-love. Short-cut years of pain, struggle and suffering. Vibrationally align to your true path and purpose in life.

Take this golden opportunity to connect with others like you, receive what's truly meant for you, and embody the love that you ARE

What You Can Expect to Gain...
"There's nothing else out there like this."
  • A unique breathing technique to help you surrender to your inner-knowing, calm and connection.
  • ​Rebalance your receiving energy to re-fill your cup and get more from abundance from life.
  • Activate your super-sensory awareness for full presence, self actualisation and embodiment.
  • ​Discover ​the keywords that unlock, unblock and transform whatever's hurting or hindering you from being fully YOU.
  • Deep relief and release from hidden and subconscious issues that keep you feeling stuck, disconnected and powerless.
  • Guided inner-journeys for self-validation, recognition, acknowledgement, healing and soul retrieval.
  • ​Finally feel fully seen, heard, held and empathised with in the places where you need it most.
  • ​Learn a ground-breaking modality that has already helped transform tens of thousands of lives globally.

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Clear the subconscious beliefs, blocks and fears that stop you embodying your true self.

1-Day Ticket £67

The Self-Love Intensive Workshop
The Self-Love Intensive Workshop...

Your Host: Tara Love Perry

Tara is widely regarded as the UK's leading self-love expert and global pioneer in her field.

Tara Love Perry guest speaker at The Future Summit, Pakistan, 2023

Creator of the "I Love You, Me" Method and 'Transformational Self-Love Therapy' with practitioners in 13 countries.

Tara has had a 20+ year career helping people all over the world to transform all areas of their lives from the inside out, including CEO's, celebrities, politicians, and even a First Lady. 

Tara believes that unconditional self-love is the answer everyone is looking for and the foundation for a better world. 

Her work has influenced and led the trend in self-love during the past 15 years or more, and she continues to share her message passionately with the world.
Our Beautiful Brighton Venue
The Mercure Hotel
149 Kings Road,
Brighton, BN1 2PP
Starts: 9.00am
Ends: 5.45pm
VIP session: 6pm-7.30pm

Expert Reviews
"Tara brings what is needed to heal the fragments of self, back into love."
“I have experienced more with Tara in 2 hours than I have in 10 years of therapeutic work. This work is absolutely right on the button for NOW.”  
- Fiona Arrigo, therapist of 46 years.
"Tara has managed to find a hotline to one of the most elusive and vital practices on the planet; Self-Love. She's having insanely powerful results. It could be just what you need." 
- Jamie Catto, Author , Film-maker, Transforming Shadows Teacher.
"I am walking on air, everything is flowing in a new way. What you taught took root in my being, relevant in every conversation, every situation. It changed my world, you are changing the world."
- Erika Indra, Sufi Master, Spirithorse Foundation Founder
"Tara took participants on an incredible journey through clearing unconscious beliefs and programs in the way of happiness and success." 
Steve Nobel, spiritual guide, ex-director of Alternatives London.

Previous Attendees Said...
What new story will you be sharing?
"What happened to me at that event is almost indescribable. It was the first step to curing my cancer."
- Abi Flynn
"I was suffering from asthma for around 34yrs until this live event and I have never got an asthma attack since." 
- Michelle Fernandez
"Transformed my life. My depression, stress and anxiety has gone. I no longer have bladder problems. I am full of energy."
- Ash Khan
"Theres a whole new depth of understanding. Best thing I've done for myself in years."  
- Emma Murphy.
"Tara's work actually goes to the core" 
- Cat Rowe, Healer
"Amazing Tara. Finally my heart feels open." 
- Lucinda Deslandes
"My anxiety and PTSD have gone. I’ve been making positive changes in my life." 
- Nicola Taylor

"After just one workshop I knew it was special but (this method) has done so much more for me than I ever imagined possible." 
- Lianne Price 

"I felt so content after and it lasted for a long time." 
- Kat

"I was overwhelmed by the openness, support and love I felt from everyone there. I have never experienced a day like it." 
- Jan Middlesbrough

"This experience had a tremendous impact on me... all those years of sadness and loneliness, and I always had the solution inside myself without knowing it!" 
- Mariví Millership 

"What happened there, was life changing, as honest and pure as the truth can be." 
Katarina Kroslakova

"After the event my self-confidence has blossomed, I have a loving man in my life and I'm avoiding the super-critical perfectionist role at work."  
- Gina Larter

"I am not unconsciously waiting for someone to rescue me any more. I feel more powerful."
- Heather Hawthorn

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"You can only love and connect with others to the level which you love and connect with yourself."

1-Day Ticket £67

The Self-Love Intensive Workshop
The Self-Love Intensive Workshop...
Prioritise Yourself and Fill Your Own Cup 
Prioritise You 
Clear the subconscious beliefs, blocks and fears that stop you from embodying your true self.
  • Be free!! Stop feeling stuck and struggling to get where you want to be in life.
  • ​​Take-away priceless, revolutionary techniques that you'll use for the rest of your life!
  • ​Live Your truth! Find your tribe and connect with new people just like you. 
  • ​Stop trying to be your 'best version' and just be your amazing and truly authentic-self.
  • ​Tried everything but still looking for the missing piece? This is it! When you change the inside, the outside takes care of itself.
  • ​Actualise the Love that you are and make the difference in the world you're here to make.

"You can only love and connect with others to the level which you love and connect with yourself."

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only £67

Help & FAQ'S

When is the Self Love Intensive? Saturday 27 July 2024

Where is the event being held? The Mercure Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton.

Can anyone attend this event?
Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult. This workshop is not suitable for children or babies due to the level of emotional processing and breakthroughs in the room.

Can I bring my spouse or a friend? - Absolutely! Experiences like this are better shared, however due to VERY limited seating, every person must have a ticket in their own name to get into the event. If you book for someone else, ensure you book it in their name, with their email address.

Do I need to bring anything with me? - You may like to bring additional things for your comfort or to enhance your learning experience, and this list of suggestions will be provided with your ticket confirmation.

​Is there public transport and parking available? - Yes, there is ample parking and public transport options, and these details will be sent you with your ticket confirmation.

What if I have a question that's not on this list? - We're here to help, and want you to be 100% happy with investing your time and effort in attending. Simply email the team at info@taraloveperry.com

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