Give Yourself the Life-Long Gift of Self-Love

Learn how to do the "I Love You, Me" ™ Method and how to apply it to any circumstance, situation, relationship, problem, pain, limiting pattern, negative belief or illness with this fail-proof, guaranteed, package. And, don't believe for a second that you'll be doing this alone!

What You Get:

  • The "I Love You, Me" ™ ~ 7 Steps to Transformational Self-Love' course in 9 tranquil video lessons, with expert guidance on each step and tips on how to  apply it. (Taught by Tara, in English).
  • A FREE bonus 40-page workbook to download, print and re-use.
  • The FREE 'Breathe and Receive' signature mediation audio for deep self-connection, realisation and inner peace. (20 mins)
  • FREE Life-time, exclusive access to the "I Love You, Me" community forum.

PLUS This Incredible Extra Bonus!

  • NEW! Twice-Weekly, 30 minute Live Coaching and Q&A sessions with Tara Love Perry inside the community forum, for FREE! (in Facebook).

Tuesdays @ 6pm and Thursdays @ 11am UK time. Exact times and days may change periodically.

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