STOP WAITING for the right person to save you.
Because if you still haven't been fully met and loved by the right person, in the right way, with the right words, at the right time, to make you feel truly loved, held, safe and protected ~ Maybe it's time to realise that YOU are the one you're waiting for?

"I Love You, Me" ™ is the Self-Love Master Key

Since 2007, the "I Love You, Me' ™ Method has transformed tens of thousands of lives all over the world with often miraculous results and mind-blowing experiences!

Original and unique, it's super practical, highly adaptable, deeply personal and profoundly impactful. 

"I Love You, Me" ™ is the master key that empowers you to unlock and heal your body, mind, heart and soul - quickly and easily bringing you back home to who you truly are.

"I Love You, Me" ™ literally sets you free.

The Lack of Love Pandemic

The biggest problem in the world today is a lack of Love. It's the real pandemic. 

Have you noticed, that all the pain, trauma and suffering that people go through, usually carrying around their whole lives, 

passed down from one generation to the next, all stems from a severe lack of love?

And that all the harm done in the world is by damaged, unloved, and therefore unloving, people?

The Truth is, Without Love, NOTHING Thrives.

You Thrive In Love

"I Love You, Me" has been my saviour over the last year, I have come such a long way and grown enormously in my journey for fulfilment, and for the first time I feel a lot more at peace with myself and who I am. Confidence in my abilities has also grown and I am now following my life long ambition of pursuing a career in the arts. I am very excited about my future, which is something that I’ve never felt and that is thanks to ILYM. Love always." ~ Karyn Johnstone

​“The "I love you me" method helped me gain so much confidence in myself that I've lacked all my life. I've learnt how to go deep within myself to find peace and self acceptance by just allowing myself to be calm and focus in on my most precious gift ... my breath. I struggle badly with anxiety and found that when I just focus and concentrate in the moment I can fully gain the power and control back that it has over me. I'm still learning to accept myself in some areas, but my bible is your book and I will forever refer back to it for guidance and a firm kick up the bum if need be ! X” ~ Cristina

​"This technique has brought me an amazing tool to process anything in my life that I perceive as painful, not in harmony, annoying, inappropriate, and that I realised I can talk directly to myself and heal myself. Changes in relationship to my daughter and husband, changes in perception of the world and myself. It is the simplest and extremely powerful technique I know." ~ Lucie Bastlova

Instead of searching, waiting, wishing, hoping, praying for the love you need to come to you...

What if, 

YOU ARE the love you are looking for? 

The BIG question is...

Would you be willing to love yourself just enough, to stop suffering and struggling and living in fear?

Would you be willing to be the love you need?

Because when you're done being hurt, let down and disappointed;
When you're over waiting for real love, connection, validation and acknowledgement; 

When you're sick (enough) of struggling with a pain, pattern, trauma or illness that's limiting your life;

When you've been crazy, lost, without hope, light or meaning enough times;

 There comes a moment when you finally decide to stop fighting, running, hiding or denying.

In that precious, life-changing moment you realise that YOU are The One you've been waiting for.

When all else has failed to find you, meet you and save you, you're left with only choice.

"Hello Me."
Create Miracles...

Abi Flynn was dying from Hodgkins Lymphoma and a 21cm tumour in her chest. After 2 years of chemotherapy and Only 3 Weeks to Live, she discovered "I Love You, Me" and recovered in just a few months. Listen to her incredible story...

 'I love you, Me' method was the most profound inner process I have ever experienced...In my opinion, the most needed healing work on the planet is learning to love our wounded inner child who is the key to our joy & creativity in life. I love you, Me, is a fast track method for learning to nurture and protect your inner child, which will make a profound difference in the quality of your life."  - Des Coroy - Author USA

 "To say the effects are powerful is an understatement! Within a day of doing the course, I felt an opening, a new beginning, a relationship with my Little Me that I see now has been waiting for me my whole life. I began to dialogue with her, and all of a sudden magic began to happen. Negativity toward my partner melted away, everywhere I turned I saw receptivity and love, flow started to happen and the everyday tasks seemed to just slot into place beautifully." ~ Sally Waite, UK

 "I love you me" has transformed my life. My depression, stress and anxiety has gone. I no longer have bladder problems. I am full of energy and do all the things I always wanted to do. My relationships with my family are now amazing. My career and finances have improved dramatically. I also now love myself unconditionally and I am so much happier for it. I now see I was my own worst enemy but now I am my Best Friend. I have healed more in 1 session of "I love you me" then I did in 10 years of therapy." Ash Khan, UK 

"I Love You, Me" ™ combines a unique signature breath-work practice called 'Breathe and Receive', a quantum key-word conversation with yourself, and self-touch.

Easily and intuitively you journey within to meet yourself with compassion, presence and heightened awareness where you need it most.

"I Love You, Me" ™ Method can create gentle changes for light issues or deeply connect you to the root cause of whatever's blocking your peace, prosperity, purpose or passion.

It can help you transform virtually any part of yourself or your life, for healing, resolution, liberation, self-embodiment and more.
The Transformational Life Tool...

Re-connect with your inner-child to heal traumas, wounding and parental conditioning.

Heal relationships, resolve conflict and deepen emotional intimacy with yourself and others.

Transform negative self-talk, low self-worth and lack, and gain authentic self-connection. 

Clear limiting blocks and stuck patterns to manifest your wealth, abundance and success. 

Transform mental health struggles of anxiety, stress, burn-out, depression and disconnection. 

Get to the root cause of physical imbalance, pain, illness, and disease. Heal from within.

""I love you me" has helped me to gain my power and be in my truest form, in my essence, my element and most importantly in my body. Thank you so much Tara Love for sharing this with me and with the world. I am deeply fulfilled and immensely grateful. I love you." ~ Yassmine Atallah - UAE

​"The moment I started applying the I Love You Me method everything started to change. That invisible wall is being taken down brick by brick and what has happened as a result has been nothing short of a miracle. These days I literally expect miracles to happen." - Bradley Wescott

Pioneering Self-Love

"I love You, Me"™ method has trail-blazed the self-love movement for over 17 years, influencing many other courses, social media creators, coaches and celebrities.

It's unlike anything else - Direct, grounded, practical, and widely proven to empower your sovereignty, authority and true-self, with no middle-man, dogma or division. 

"I Love You, Me" ™ has worked when nothing else has. 

Even if you don't believe in Love anymore, you think you're too unloveable, or the thought of loving yourself scares the heck out of you - You got this. You can do it.

From The UK's Leading Self-Love Teacher, 
Tara Love Perry

Tara Love Perry is the UK's leading self-love teacher thanks to her unique & pioneering techniques for personal transformation & self-love since 2007.

Tara’s 20+ year career has taken her all over the world, helping tens of thousands of people including spiritual, political and corporate leaders, coaches, authors, CEO's, celebrity artists, & even a First Lady, with her 1:1 sessions, workshops, meditations and trainings.

Tara is the creator of "I Love You, Me" ™ Method, as well as 'Transformational Self-Love Therapy', the professional modality which has proven to be a "game-changer" for therapists, helpers and healers globally, and their clients.

She has appeared in numerous television series, films, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and spoken on many international stages, working along-side some of the world's leading spiritual teachers. 

She's also a very proud mum and an ambassador of ALALA charity for orphaned children. Tara's mission is to bring more love to the world for a better future for our children and grand-children.
The Love You're Looking for to Complete You, Heal You, or Save You is Within YOU. 

Don't Waste Another Minute Waiting, Wishing, Hoping and Praying for The Opportunity You Hold in Your Hand, in This Moment, Right Now.
Begin The Relationship 
of a Lifetime.
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